Simplify your time tracking with Timecop

Timecop is a time tracking app that brings simplicity in your day to day life.

We don't want to replace all your tools that you loved, but we do think time tracking should be easy with great analytics.

Time entries

Used by many people, from independents to large companies.

Track your time

Track in your Time entries

With the list or the calendar view, you are one click away to start tracking your time.

Track in your Time entries.
Start your timer, assign a project and forget it until you get the job done!
Overview in your calendar.
View and manage your time entries in a beautiful calendar.
Analyze in the dashboard.
Know how you spend your time with graphs.
Time entries


Analyze how you spend your time

The dashboard gives you a complete overview on how you and your collaborators spend their time.

Detailed charts.
With charts you can deeply understand how you and your team work.
Personalized filters.
Filter by date range, clients, projects or collaborator to find exactly what you are looking for.
Track habits.
Find out where you spent most time and how you can optimize it.

All your projects in one place

Create, Manage and track your projects in one place.

Unlimited projects.
Assign a project to your time entry to know where you spend your time on.
Group them with tags.
Assign tags to your projects to group them by categories.
Customize your projects.
Add color, notes, client and sold hours to projects to manage them easily.
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“Timecop is a breeze to use, both for real-time and a-posteriori time tracking. It then allows us to finely analyze time spent for each customer and to closely monitor projects progress.”

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CTO, Studio HB
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“Timecop helps me find where I spent most of my time and how I can adapt my workflow accordingly.”

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CEO, Les Pousses d'Or

Follow your clients with ease.

Manage your clients

See all your client's projects in one look, in one place.

Unlimited clients.
Create as much clients as needed to start tracking how much time you spend for them.
Assign projects.
Assign projects to your clients so you can have a complete overview and make better decisions.

Overview in your calendar

You can see and manage all your time entries in your calendar.

Manage with ease.
You can create, update or delete your time entries directly in your calendar. So you can have an overview of your days.
Export your calendar.
You can export your calendar in Google Calendar or Apple Calendar to see all your time entries in your favorite calendar.
Import your calendar.
You can import your events from Google or Outlook to automatically track you time.
See your collaborators time entries.
You can see all the time entries of your collaborators directly in the calendar to get a bird view of their week.

Install our App on your Desktop and Smartphone.

Timecop Everywhere

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Timecop is always one click away.



The right price for you, whoever you are

Simple & Affordable Pricing


9€ /user/month

Includes every feature we offer.

  • Unlimited time entries
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited members per team
  • Complete Dashboard
  • Team reports & exports
  • Customizable notifications
  • Calendar exports
15-day free trial

No credit card required.


90€ /user/year

Pay once, get 2 months free.

  • Exactly the same as Monthly
  • 2 months free
  • 15 days trial
15-day free trial

No credit card required.

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